Monday, December 7, 2009

A Good Snack Gone Bad

So, if you don't think having kids is an adventure, maybe we should review the meaning of "adventure."'s first meaning for adventure is:

ad⋅ven⋅ture[ad-ven-cher] noun 1. an exciting or very unusual experience

Well, I'm gonna go with the latter part of the meaning - a very unusual experience. Never would I have imagined that I'd be cleaning graham crackers up in my bathroom. The bathroom isn't where you eat - so why on earth would they be in there?! Well, if you have kids, anything is possible. Really.

Carter had to go to the bathroom. He announces and then runs to the bathroom. He is still learning, so I still have to help him get his pants off and on. I discover that he has only one pair of clean underwear so I help him with his pants and tell him to wash his hands. I go to gather the laundry while he is washing his hands. When I get back, I hear the water still running. I go in there to investigate, and he has graham crackers all in the sink, on his step stool, on the floor, on the bath mat, and on the tub. How on earth did he do that? And why did he bring his snack in there? To make matters worse, Katie has followed him in there and is smearing the graham cracker mess all over the floor. It is all over her and the bathroom. How is it that the one that started the mess - Carter - is still clean, but the innocent bystanders get grahamed?

I asked him "What are you doing?!" To which he replies, "I dunno." I tell him, "You're making a mess, that's what!" He just grins back at me. That adorable, mischievous smile.

So, this isn't exactly the adventure I imagined, but it's still an adventure, and I'm on it with my kids and husband.

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