Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dressed in the Night

The azaleas in front of my house have made an appearance. Finally.  They are always the last to bloom out of all the other azaleas that I have scattered about our property.  They're also such a pretty soft pink.  I trimmed the hedges, and a couple of days later, boom! azaleas everywhere.  Just look at how they fill up the bushes in the below picture.

While out admiring God's handiwork, and also the hard work that went into trimming the bushes, the kids came around with the dog.  Peamite Alpha loves his Wolverine costume.  He asks if he can wear it all the time.

 Comet smiling with the kids
Comet giving Peamite Alpha kisses

Last night, Peamite Alpha asked if he could sleep in his costume, so David put him to bed in it.  When David went into his room this morning to get him up for school, he was in the bed with a t-shirt and jeans on.  At some point during the night, he got up, dressed in school clothes, and then went back to sleep.  

Yes, what a strange child I have, but that's ok, it makes life interesting, and therefore, I have something to tell you about here. :)

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