Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living Room Tent

Peamite Alpha and Peamite Bravo were wanting to camp today.  PA had his backpack and a snack all ready to go.  PB was on his heels ready, too, although I'm sure she didn't have a clue as to what was going on, just wanted to play with brother.

While the kids were occupied, I set up a sheet tent for them.  It reminded me of my "fort" days with all the couch cushions, blankets and sheets arranged to make a fort for us to hide in.

It's been up all day, with the kids going in and out of it.  Here are the kids "camping" in their tent.

Peamite Alpha is telling me that he can see the TV through a little gap in the tent.  Peamite Bravo refuses to drink out of a sippy cup the correct way.  Notice how it's upside-down?  Yeah, that's my kid.


Peamite Alpha is saying "cheese" while holding a piece of cheese.  Peamite Bravo cutely scrunching up her face as she loudly cries, "CHEEEEESE."  

At least they're happy and occupied while I work on cakes for this week!

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