Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Do You Say?

How little kids say things are just so cute. The above video is of Peamite Bravo saying "lemonade."  I think she really likes the 'L' part of the word since she lalalalas every 'L' word she says.

We taught our kids from a very young age to say please and thank you.  In the next one, you can hear how PB says, "thank you" and "I love you, Dad."

Did you notice how she curled her tongue into a U shape at the beginning of the video?  Did you know that was genetic?  Yup, learned that in Biology - Thanks, Mrs. Webb!

Now, if there ever was a kid that loved popcorn, that would be mine.  She could eat the whole bag with no help.  You can even see how excited she gets about just at the mention of the word, as she calls it, "ca-corn"  I just noticed today that she pronounces a lot of 'P' words with a 'C'.  She loves pickles or "cickle".  She also loves black olives...which I discovered when I was picking the olives off of my Chicken Fajita pizza at Pizza Inn one day.  She was eating them off my plate as fast as I could get them to her.  When we go to the Inn now, we're sure to get her a little pile off of the salad bar to go along with her pizza.  Can you tell I don't have a picky eater?  Yay for that.

Think I'm gonna go pop some "ca-corn" now.

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