Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Fun

It's fun being a kid. No worries. Just fun. I joke that I have 3 kids, my 2 children and my husband. He is so great with our children...well, all children for that matter. We took it easy today with it being the Day of Rest and all. :)

We started our Day of Rest at church, and today was Children's Sabbath. The children of the church led the church service today, and it was so adorable. The whole congregation sang those songs we learned years ago when were also children. Half the congregation stood and sang Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah! and then they sat as the other half stood and sang, Praise ye the Lord! Back and forth we went - up and down - singing as if we were children ourselves. It was fun.

This evening, I wanted to get the family together and check out the new bowling alley that's in town. Well, it's not that new now, I just haven't been there, yet, since I lived out of town when it was built. Anyhoo, we get everyone loaded up and drive over there, and darn it, they're closed on Sundays. Blah. That's one downer of living in a small town. Maybe some other time.

We come home and sit around for a few minutes until Carter has me in the floor playing Superman. I lift him up on my feet and hold his hands while he "flys." This game quickly turns into a wrestling match and David saves me from the wrath of Carter. haha...But then, Carter saves me from David! Good times were had.

We finally broke out Rock Band since we've been at our new house. I sang while David played the guitar and Carter "played" the drums. It was all so cute. Carter's actually pretty good at keeping the beat. So now I have a little bit of a hoarse throat, but that's ok, it was fun. I played the drums on the last song while David sang. He's definitely the singer in this group. Quite attractive, too. :D

Rock Band gear - picture by Susan Campbell 2009

Then it was bedtime for the little kiddies. Where the Wild Things Are, Guess How Much I Love You, and Good Night Moon brought this evening to a close.

I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight.


  1. How adorable! Children's Sabbath! Please tell me that somewhere during service, you guys sung "Yes Jesus Loves Me..." :OD

    Ah! The joys of Mayberry! I was really hoping to hear all about the "new" bowling alley. I've wanted to go there every time I come visit.

    Rock Band sounded like too much fun!! And you get 5 stars on the evenings book selections! Great Choices! All old time favourites! :)

  2. Absolutely! It was the last song of the service. We sang all three verses.

    I hope we can go to the bowling alley soon. I'm not any good, but I always have a blast. I've heard that's it's a nice place.

    Carter is very excited about the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie. He gets excited when he sees the previews. :)