Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I've been walking down memory lane for a couple of days now. My little brother...well, he's not really little, lol, he's quite large actually - tall, broad shoulders...anyway, he's getting married this upcoming weekend, and I have been putting together a photo slideshow of his fiance and him. The pictures range from when they were babies to the present. So, I've been a bit nostalgic as I remember the different occasions that warranted a picture to be taken.

Remember when taking a picture was a lot more selective? You only had so many pictures on a roll, but you wanted to make sure you got the shot, just in case someone had their eyes shut, so you took one more just in case. I was (and still am) the picture taker of the family. I love pictures. I have albums and albums filled with pictures. I just love to look at them from time to time. My pictures have been in storage since we've moved. I just unpacked them today, and of course, I had to look through each one. I couldn't help myself! It's neat to see what we used to look like and what the styles were, and how quickly our little ones grow up. Below is one of my very favorite pictures that I've taken when my son was just hours old.

Carter & David - April 2007 - picture by Susan Campbell

I have all these little picture projects that I want to do now since I have wall space in our house to adorn. I just haven't taken the time to do them, yet. I have this idea of taking black and white pictures of places and things that look like random shots, but are actually memorable for me. Like, the water tower in town, the church steeple, and the arch of trees over the road where my parents live...I really need to do this, I think it'll be really neat looking once I have them matted and framed... I also have this picture I took in Destin (below) that I just love...the graduation of colors from the dry sand to the deeper waters. The guest bath has the water colors and so I thought this picture would look really cool in there.

Destin, FL - July 2009 - picture by Susan Campbell

Well, back to memory lane for just a bit more tonight.

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