Friday, October 30, 2009

A Dream's Perspective

I watched as she came out to her car and was putting stuff in the trunk. She looked happy, like she was having a good time. She was wearing a flowing skirt that hit right below her could've been a dress...I couldn't really see, and she had a blue wrap around her. It was in the crooks of her arms as she carried the stuff out to her car. She was leaving a fancy event; probably a wedding, but I can't be sure because I never went in. After she got the stuff in her car, she slid the shawl around the tops of her arms and shivered. It had suddenly gotten crisp today. Just yesterday was warm enough to wear shorts, but today warranted a sweater.

She wasn't paying attention to what she was doing; she was in a hurry to get back inside. I could hear the bass of the music thumping and the dull roar of people having conversations over the music. I guess she didn't want to miss any of the party going on or maybe she was hurrying to get warm again. In her haste, she hit the wrong button on her key fob, probably the unlock button again, because the car was still unlocked.

I know that it was still unlocked, because I saw him open the door. He seemed to come out of the shadows. It was as if he was watching for her to leave, because as soon as she walked into the big double doors of the banquet hall, he strode right up to the car as if he owned it. He started putting things in his bag. He took what looked like a camera case out of the trunk, along with a small purse she must have left there instead of carrying it around with her. He rifled around in the glove compartment, but must not have found anything of interest in there. He moved onto taking every CD she had. He didn't even shut the doors when he left.

My feet were frozen. I couldn't move. I couldn't yell. I felt awful for the girl, and there wasn't a thing I could do but watch. I was trapped by some unseen force. Anguish washed over me when the girl came out from the party. Her eyes were wide with shock. She ran over to her car to see the damage done. She looked in the trunk and then let our a scream - more like a growl that he took her purse with her brand new phone. She couldn't even call the cops herself. She sank down into a heap and started sobbing. People came filing out of the banquet hall and a few stopped to stare while a couple ran to her side to console her.

I felt like I was crying, like I was the one who was mad at whoever had done this, and at myself for not being more careful. I felt the comforting hands on my shoulders, and when the girl stood up, I too stood up seeing things at a different perspective now...

Realization sunk in that it was me the whole time, that I was the girl. I had been on the outside looking in at what happened to you do with a dream.

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