Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unexpected Moment

Sometimes really unexpected moments just stick with you...some because they're meaningful or funny or scary. I keep thinking of a funny moment that happened at Scott's wedding...and it was totally unexpected. I probably keep thinking of it, because Katie has the picture as her profile picture on Facebook!

So, the story goes: I saw a friend, Katie, at the reception. We mingled with the crowd and said hi as we passed each other going to the next table of delicious food. (Omigosh, that was some fantastic food.) I hadn't taken any pictures with anyone the whole evening (I had been the one behind the camera of course). We were in the room where the bride's cake was being served. David and I had just finished our slices of cake when Katie stopped to say goodbye before she headed home. I thought, this would be a good time to get a picture. So, I set my plate and fork down on the cushy, padded bench where we were sitting to get ready for the picture.

David graciously did the honors while we pretty ladies said, "cheese." He clicked it and asked of our approval, but Katie did not approve. See, Miss Katie had a bit to drink at the reception, and so the eyelids were a little heavy. She said, let's take another and I'll try to hold my eyes open better this time. David got the camera all set to click our photograph, when CLANG! The plates that had been setting on the end of the bench went flying in the air and landed loudly on the concrete floor. See, a lady had sat (more like plopped) down on the opposite end of the bench, which made our plates go a-flying. Katie and my expressions were too good for David to pass up since he already had the camera ready to go. We laughed so hard and I was thankful at the same time that nothing broke! We did get our posed picture, but the unexpected one is my favorite!

Katie & Susan - Oct 2009 - picture by David Campbell

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