Friday, April 23, 2010

She Loves This Chair

I have a couple of chairs on my front porch.  One my size and one kid size.  They used to sit out on our tiny little balcony when we lived in an apartment.  Now, they sit on my front porch in place of rocking chairs and a porch swing that I hope to get one day soon.

Whenever I take the kids outside to play, I'll take a break in the shade on my chair, and Peamite Bravo will toddle right behind me and climb in the chair her size.  She's gotten very good at maneuvering on and off of it now.  She always looks so proud when she gets up there, too.  It's especially funny when she slouches and has her legs crossed.  Unfortunately, I have not caught her doing this with a camera, yet.

Last night when David arrived home from the store, I held the front door open for him so he could get in easily with the few groceries he had picked up.  Peamite Bravo wanted to go outside, too!  She was already dressed for bed, but that was not to deter her!  She skillfully climb down the step onto the porch and made a beeline straight to her chair.  So, here she is sitting in her favorite chair in her jammies.  How cute.

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