Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where I Save: My Coke Rewards

I'm continuing on with telling you different stores and sites where I like to save today.

An added bonus to enjoying Coca-Cola products are the points you can earn.  I think of a commercial that was out a while back for Coke.  Coke caps would be dropped or thrown away, and people were envisioning different merchandise they could redeem them for being the actual items dropped/thrown away.  Anyone else remember that commercial?

I've kinda become one of those people...I cringe just a little when someone throws one away.  If it's right on top, or in a parking lot, I've been known to pick them up for myself.

You can find codes under the caps, on the tear off tab of a fridge pack or on the wrappers of a multi-pack.  Just head on over to My Coke Rewards and register for free, then start entering your codes for points.  You can enter up to 120 points each week.  Browse through their catalog and see what you might want to save up for.  You can also donate your points to a good cause or a school.  For more on how the program works here's the program overview.

Hey, if you're not going to use your Coke points, can I have them?  Ok, thanks. :)

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