Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where I Save: Target

I thought that I would start sharing with you different sites and places where I like to either save or make money.

I thought I'd start out with Target.  I love Target! I was so excited when they opened near me. :)  It's such a fun place to shop, and now, to save!

Target has web coupons that you can print out, and use in conjunction with a manufacturer's coupon.  Pair it with a sale, or a promotion to get Target giftcards when you buy certain products, and you'll find a great deal.
I recently had a $1 off Target coupon for Nivea Men's Body Wash, and a $2 off manufacturer's coupon.  It was priced at $3.04, so I got my husband some body wash for 4 cents.  Awesome.

Target is also keeping up with the digital age, and even has Mobile Coupons.  Coupons are sent via text, and then you show the barcode to the cashier to scan at checkout.  Fancy, huh?

Did you know that Target price matches?  I just recently discovered this!  I knew that Walmart did, and frequently did it there, but this is new to me!  Only thing though, the Target coupons are taken off first, so you can't ad match it to a lower price and then lower it even further with a store coupon.  If you're going to ad match it to price that would be lower than what it would be using the store coupon, save it for another time, and just do the match!  Manufacturer's coupons are taken off after all the price adjusting, so you'll save the money on the lowest price.

I’m not much on having a store credit card – even if you do save a bit of money by using it.  It’s just debt waiting to happen, and I just don’t want to go there.  I did however, learn recently, that Target now offers a Target Debit Card. You save an additional 5% on purchases paid with the card.  It is linked to your bank account, so the money comes straight from it, no extra bill to pay.  I don’t know how I feel about Target having my bank account details, though…what are your thoughts??

Update: I just discovered today, that Target sends samples to you.  On their website, they will update with different samples available that you can request.  (One sample per household)  For example, I requested free JIF To Go peanut butter.  It said I could expect my sample in the mail within 4-6 weeks.  We looove peanut butter at our house!

They recently updated their coupon policy, so be sure you check it out or even take it with you to make sure you're calculating your deals correctly!  Not a bad idea to look over their price matching policy as well, especially if you're used to Walmart's; it differs a bit.

Check out a great site, Totally Target, to get info on deals happening now at Target, ad match-ups with coupons, and everything Target.

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