Monday, June 27, 2011

Where I Save: Requested Coupons

The best coupons are the free ones.  The ones where you don't have to pay for a newspaper just to score a good deal.  I love when family and friends pass on their unused coupons to me. :) Yes, thank you, I will take free money.

In the age of the internet, coupons are very easy to come by.  You can go directly to your favorite product’s website and sign up for their newsletter.  Sometimes, they even have a “Coupons”/“Offers”/“Special Offers” tab on their page where you can access coupons they may have available at that time.

Favorite brands don't have coupons out there for you?  Just send them an email, and perhaps they'll set you up!  JIF is the only peanut butter we use, and so we let them know.  Guess what.  We got a coupon. :)

Ever thought about Facebook for coupons?  Just by "liking" a product's page, you can enter into sweepstakes, giveaways, and get coupons.  I've scored quite a few high dollar coupons this way.  

There's also this gem: Home Made Simple free booklet 

"with over $35 in savings on your favorite brands, plus organization ideas and tricks for decorating like a pro, our booklet inspires you to make your home beautiful, balanced and — best of all — simple."

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