Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peamite and the Wii

It’s no surprise that Peamite Alpha is video game savvy at only 4 years of age.  He definitely takes after his dad. When he tries, he can actually do really well at the games he has, but sometimes, he just goofs off making the characters go willy nilly.  Do people even say that? Anyway, it’s quite aggravating to watch him do that.

Sometimes, I just have to ignore the TV whenever he plays Mario Kart.  It’s a race! but he’s going backwards, running into stuff, puts his controller down to eat some popcorn…get my drift?

At least he’s gotten good enough to actually play against.  I think David is really looking forward to being able to play more complex games like, NCAA football, with him in the future.  Long gone are the days when he would be able to play his friends over the internet since now we have slooow, limited, internet as a result of living outside the city limits of a small town…few options.

You can see here how serious gaming is in our house.  See, one looks like they’re having fun, and one looks very intent on the race.

Phone pic…can’t ya tell?

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