Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Time With the Peamites

When I was visiting a friend, I saw that she had a giant beach ball sprinkler.  I thought they were such a neat summer toy, and since she said that her kids absolutely adored it, I started looking for one.  I didn't want to get one at the height of the Summer season since it would be full price then, but didn't expect it to be marked down as soon as early July!

But then again, they are starting back to school sales and where we live, school starts for the public schools at the beginning of August.  A friend of mine that manages a Dollar General store said she opened her first Halloween shipment today, so needless to say, retail is a bit ahead of the rest of us. :) 

I'm glad I was able to get it before Peamite Alpha started back to preschool, so we have plenty of time to enjoy it.  I even had a good time with it.  Very refreshing on a 100 + degree day!

That must be a good hug from Peamite Bravo since his tongue is hanging out!

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