Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where I Save: Blogs (Part 3)

Here's the last of my list of blogs that I recommend.  (I may have more for you in the future!)


Frugal Coupon Living has just about any kind of savings featured on this blog.  Online and retail stores, restaurant deals, entertainment deals, and coupon match ups.  I even learned that you can buy grocery items through  Guess I should be a little more observant, huh?  You probably already knew that. 

She has many daily deal sites listed, and will alert you to any super buys happening on them.  Like, right now, on, you can score something for free or pretty close by using promo code, Summer25 (good through Aug 1st) to get $25 off, but every time I have a chance to check the site, they're all sold out of everything.  Maybe you'll have some luck!

Next on my list is Coupon Pro.  This guy knows about all the samples and free stuff out there!  Really!  Just follow his blog for a little while, and your mailbox should be filling up with samples in no time.  He is also great about alerting you to any Swag Bucks available.

And finally, there is Jill Cataldo who mostly writes about deals in the Chicago area, but despite her being in a different market, I can still glean from the national chains that she writes deals about.  What I like most about her site is the articles she writes or features about couponing realistically and ethically. 

She was even featured in The Sun Herald today.  They ran this article that was from the Chicago Tribune.  I would love to be able to attend one of her seminars.  She does however, have a DVD available for purchase that was filmed at a seminar she did, so those of us that aren't able to attend can learn her methods, too.  Would any of my local friends like to split the cost with me and we'll watch the at home use one?  If you believe there is a large enough group to warrant a group showing, there is a licensed DVD and handouts also available.

So, tell me, what blogs do you like?

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